Since I was a child, my hair has been a constant source of frustration and annoyance. Thick but fine, mid-blonde and wavy, it hung there like a million unruly threads. In the 70s, there was little to be done – I watched my mother use her Carmen rollers every day, but felt it was something of a faff.

I had my first perm at 13, and loved it, but looking at the photos now, it was not a wise move.

Reaching my teens also coincided with the introduction of the first straighteners – and I had several sets. Most fabulous was the Geometrics kit, with its spiral tongs, straighteners and other styling tools which you strapped into a plastic handle. I recall one which you wrapped your hair round which was triangle shaped…

Life truly changed with the introduction of ceramic straighteners, and for a while I was a dedicated flat iron floozy. Then, my hairdresser showed me how to use the straighteners to create curl, and now, in 15 minutes, I can have a mane of 1950s pin curls. I have decided this is the best for my face shape, and I often pick up the trend with pencil skirts, fitted coats and court shoes.

All of this has taken its toll on the texture of my hair, but my recent discovery of coconut oil is going some way to address this.