How safe do you feel? Wearing something colourful has come to require a reserve of courage akin to a high wire act. People choose ‘safe’ black and somehow cannot be tempted to anything else. They recoil from coral, scarlet, yellow and purple. They retch at green. They even fondle navy and khaki, and sigh ‘if only I were brave enough’.

I’m here to tell can’t hurt you, it’s just fabric.

We have become so terrified of wearing the ‘wrong’ colour, that we scurry back to black like bugs caught in a flashlight. But the truth is, EVERYONE can wear colour. And in the current economic and meteorological climate, I think we have a DUTY to get out of black and into something less depressing.

I’m not a great believer in the extensive categorisation of people by hair and skin shade, especially since the Colour Me Beautiful classification got so complicated. What the heck is ‘Soft’? or ‘Deep’? At least I could grasp the idea of four seasons. The only thing you really need to know is whether your skin tone is warm (with yellow/orange undertones) or cool (with pink/blue undertones).

After that, you can go nuts with any shade that fits your tone – and every colour has a warm and cool version (except black – which only cool tones should wear).

For example, blue has cool grey-blues and warm turquoises. Red has cool magentas and warm corals.

It’s time to start a colour revolution. Let’s ditch the black, and celebrate the rainbow.