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While we wait for the summer to arrive, now is the time to invest in some lovely things to cheer us up. I noticed the Celia Birtwell collection in Uniqlo a few weeks ago, but am now similarly in awe of their Cabbages and Roses collection. For those of us who like floral patterns, these kind of tie-ups are wonderful – the clean lines and good quality cotton of Uniqlo with the quirky prints of these great British designers.

Many items are on my wishlist, but already in the wardrobe are the CB matching tees and stoles, together with one of the shift dresses.

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From C&R, I snapped up some of their 3/4 sleeve t shirts, great for those who prefer to cover more of their arms.


The Uniqlo website does not currently have all the patterns and variations, so it’s worth a trip if you like this sort of thing. I think they look great with denim, and are completely wearable, even if you normally shy away from patterns.

Also worth a mention is the Lulu Guinness collection – in her signature black and white, it’s not so much my thing, but it has got this super-cute cat vest, which I really like.


Don’t forget to stop by the trouser section for some great “pedal pushers”…


None of these items costs over £15, and are a great way to get into spring without breaking the bank.