No, not those circular scarves which had a fashion moment about 15 years ago (and are still pretty awesome on cold days), but rather the crocheted hair net which popular with women in the 1930s and 40s.

It came in several different styles, including a whole hair covering:


A rather beautiful design with a headband incorporated, leaving the crown smooth (good for hot days):


A full cloth version, with a pillbox hat:

Model wearing tambourine pill box ($35)

A crochet style with a hat:


And a style for longer hair:


The popularity of this particular head covering during the Second World War is obvious:

  1. It’s a great way to cover hair if it needs a wash or you haven’t had time to style it
  2. It can be easily crocheted from wool, acrylic, cotton thread, whatever you have access to
  3. It leaves the fringe free for styling, adding a softer and more feminine touch
  4. It can be squashed into your bag, unlike a hat
  5. It keeps a ‘styled’ ‘do in place while you are travelling or in humid environments without squashing it too much

Having found a very nice supplier on Etsy (GinPoodle) I am currently experimenting with my range of tilt hats and caps. I do get some looks on the train, but I really like the neatness of the snood beneath the hat, and the way it keeps my GHD’d curls in place until I get to work. By the way, snoods are also great under bicycle helmets (you look rather like a dressage competitor) and keep your hair off your sweaty neck!