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It has been six years since I sauntered up the aisle a single woman, and returned as part of a team. October weddings are great, you can expect the weather to be horrible, and plan accordingly. If you then get a freakishly sunny day, it’s an unexpected miracle.

The six year anniversary is supposed to be marked by gifts relating to ‘sugar’ – a total thrill for someone like me. I am more often found face down in a bowl of dolly mixture than I care to admit.

As luck would have it, Olympia was staging a celebration of chocolate today, and so we flung ourselves Kensington-wards.

IMG_2839However, before we even got to the show, something amazing happened. On arriving at Victoria, we pulled in beside the British Pullman, part of the company which runs vintage train journeys. Seeing this amazing and wonderful locomotive up close, and peering in at the passengers settled in their luxurious seats, made me yearn for a time machine, and a lot of money, to return to the age of elegance represented. Sigh.

On to Olympia, where the Salon was already in full swing. The photos following give just an idea of the kind of produce which was available – every kind and flavour of chocolate. I thought I’d be frisked on the way in and have my Maltesers confiscated. That fact was, the chocolate on sale here was NOTHING like the cheap and sugary confection which made Mr Cadbury so wealthy. Each offering was high quality, presented to perfection, and as far from a Flake as you can get.

IMG_2861 IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2855

There was plenty of tasting opportunities, and the chance to gawk at some dresses which had been designed for the show…

IMG_2847 IMG_2849 IMG_2852

Having purchased sufficient to sate even my appetite, we hopped on the Tube. Sad to say, the chocolate immersion I had enjoyed meant that, on the way home, even my husband’s boots started to look a bit…chocolatey.