Dear Sister, you may be wondering how much more there can be to write of, now that The Incident has been related. In truth, our hopes were not high for Saturday evening’s entertainment, the gentlemen still being in shock, and the ladies exhausted from day’s events. However, we rallied ourselves to collect outside the Assembly Rooms for one last push on enjoyment!

Fortunately, Mr and Mrs H- had prepared a delightful surprise to lift our spirits – chilled bottles of champagne at their lodgings! Hill House is quite the most elegant and welcoming of establishments, finely decorated, and with hosts of impeccable manners. We were so pleased with the dining room, we insisted on looking over the whole house (or at least the parts which were not locked), and found the best of Bath views from the upper windows, and everywhere a refined sensibility in the furnishings. Our room with Mr and Mrs Premier looked quite drab by comparison, an observation I repeated more than once to Mr F-.

Once the champagne and amusing canapés had worked a certain magic, it was time to issue forth into Bath, on one of the busiest nights of the year, to see what eating establishment was able to seat eight with no reservation. After a couple of refusals (shocking to discover that they would not remove existing diners who were clearly of lower standing) we found ourselves dining a la Italienne in a remarkable place which resembled nothing so much as a well-decorated cellar. What jokes were heard around our table, what merry tales and ridiculous boasts were heard! I was quite spinning with the nonsense being talked. Fortunately, I was seated beside Mrs Sm- who is always so sensible and agreeable, she quite offset the idiocy of the gentlemen.

After supper, we said our goodbyes, and parted with many promises for future excursions and delights. The walk back to the Premiers’ Inn was uneventful, presumably the rougher element were still secured in the many taverns and hostelries we passed. I hardly need tell you how soundly we slept that night, nor how very tired we were on the journey home the next day!

In summary, Bath surpassed all our expectations, and I look forward to showing you the many sights and sounds when you can persuade our excellent parents to permit you to visit with me!

Your dearest sister,

Sophie Frocksandbikes

PS please deliver the enclosed letter to our parents, I have not sufficient monies remaining for the extra postage of an additional letter!

Dearest Mother and Father,

On no account permit my sister to visit Bath. It is a sordid cesspit of debauchery.